What is the purpose of this site?

This website is a tool for musicians/composers to explore the world of composition. While it is geared toward the high school/young college-aged musician, I encourage all willing to learn to take a gander. This site is also helpful for any teacher looking to guide the young composer.

Maybe you want to do this

or this

Maybe this is more your style

or this

I get it, no two musicians are alike. Everybody has different backgrounds and different reasons they like music. This site is geared toward the classical composer. But even if you are a singer/song writer, you can get certain things out of this website. The website is designed like this; there’s a topic, useful history on that topic, analysis of a piece based on that topic, and then an assignment so that you practice producing your own music. It’s a useful thing for when you’re saying, “But, what do I write next?”

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